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   Always up for some fun and mischievous audience interaction, Foster goes into the crowd between performers and gives several members of the McDonald’s team their chance to sing in the spotlight. This is a huge hit and stamps the evening in a highly personal way.
The impromptu moment serves as the perfect bridge to the next part of the show, as a collective breath paves the way for the emotional explosion to these words...“Ladies and Gentlemen...Katy Perry!!!” As the Platinum selling and Grammy Winning artist strides onstage in a stunning blue-sequined body suit, the crowd surges forward, drawn- in by her magnetic presence. A major gear shift has occurred as Perry launches into
an hour-long performance of her top hits, her blue eyes piercing the night, the crowd hanging on every note. Ms. Perry is the full package as an artist, having written and produced all of her music as well. This is a woman at the pinnacle of the contemporary pop world, made even more relevant by her current role as a judge on American Idol.
As the set unfolds, the energy that she and Foster have put into the arrangements and rehearsals is not lost on the perceptive audience. This is a one-off performance
of blockbuster songs that only they will experience. As a finishing touch, Perry engages even more deeply with personal and inspiring narratives that tie the music to their own lives, even creating a song on the fly with Foster’s band about her McDonald’s experiences.

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