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Another mainstay in the Foster ensemble is the vocalist, songwriter, producer Shelea. With a dynamic vocal range and sparkling personality, Shelea delivers a beautifully exquisite and soulful set of Foster’s Grammy-winning work from “The Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston. These are songs the audience knows by heart, and they voluntarily join-in to the delight of the performers.
One of Foster’s favorite moments as an artist is his work with the group Chicago. He and Chicago front man Peter Cetera composed some of the best-selling records of all time, including “You’re the Inspiration” from “Chicago 17” and “Glory of Love” from “The Karate Kid”.
To the joyous delight of the crowd, Foster and Cetera reunite for a rare and highly polished performance of their pop classics.
Seguing from a legend like Cetera to an up and
coming artist ignites a passion in Foster. He always
has a surprise performer in the works and tonight is no exception. Adding to the eclectic mix, he’s arranged
for the 2017 winner of “The Voice”, Chloe, to take the stage for a rousing rendition of “Call Me”, the hit rocker from Blondie.

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