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Closing Concert
2018 Worldwide Convention
Rehearsals are completed...the arena stands quiet. A who’s who of industry giants put the finishing touches on a magnificent environment of concert lighting, scenic imagery and sound. The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida has been transformed from a cavernous hangar into a glorious theatrical setting. Tonight, it’s a magical stage for one of the world’s top corporate events...the Closing Concert for the McDonald’s Worldwide Convention.
With doors set to open, 16,000 owners and operators from 120 countries have gathered in anticipation. David Foster and EVI are at the producing controls, and the group realizes from past experience that something special is about to happen.
On the other side of the curtain, another group waits in the assembly of performing artists representing the best in the world from a variety of musical genres.
Smiling as always, Steven Tyler, fresh off of a nearby theme park coaster ride, is relaxed and ready to go. Katy Perry enjoys a Chicken McNugget and improvises her own McDonald’s jingle and story that she’ll soon share with the audience. Foster makes his backstage rounds, wrapping the troupe into his world of charismatic energy and passion that have helped make him a legendary force in music.

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