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Global Sales Kick-Off 2019
2019...a New Year...a New Season.
A championship playbook of strategic vision, product innovation and tactical planning stands ready.
The starting line-up has gathered in Las Vegas...a global sales team of motivated enterprise security experts eager to take the field.
It’s the 2019 McAfee Sales Kick-Off...and it’s time to “Come Together”!
Without question, sales drive success. McAfee leadership has extraordinary vision, but underscores it with a simple without execution is a mere daydream.
Among the portfolio of global events produced by
the McAfee and EVI team each year, none is more important than SKO. Success garnered here lights the fuse for everything that follows on the experiential event marketing calendar.
The team has crafted a multi-point agenda of strategic messaging, tactical plans, training, motivation and recognition designed to push these high achievers out of their comfort zone to new levels of success. One by one, McAfee’s elite executive team steps-up to lay out the blueprint for winning in the hyper competitive arena that is today’s cyber security industry.

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