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 EVI uses an array of the latest production tools to portray the client’s brand identity and to bring McAfee SVP and Chief Marketing Officer Allison Cerra’s and Creative Director Mark Murray’s vision to life.
The environmental design is built around the concept of time. Modular deck pieces vary in shapes and sizes reminiscent of clock faces, time pieces and wearable devices. The pieces link together to form a cohesive message delivery pathway for the dynamic and migrating presentation style of McAfee President and CEO Chris Young. The configuration allows Young and other presenters to journey in multiple directions, establishing close contact with every section of the audience. For the day two session, an additional
pod pushes deeper into the audience to host an intimate fireside conversation, creating a fresh, evolving experience.
Production technology changes nearly as rapidly as the security industry’s digital threatscape, and EVI pushes the envelope with insanely creative and robust presentation delivery platforms. Twelve-hundred Absen 2.6 LED tiles are assembled into a dramatic, asymmetrical visionscape. The native canvas is 19,200 pixels wide by 2,304 pixels high...that’s 44,236,800 total pixels. With each pixel at a mere 2.6 mil, the resolution is surreal, with screen content so liquid it appears as if you’re looking into a three dimensional extension of the room. Mark Murray takes advantage of the canvas by creating a glorious collection of graphic and motion media to tell the MPOWER 2019 story.
Suspended above the primary screen architecture is another ribbon of LED, this one designed to deliver a stream of real time facts relevant to the conference messaging and reinforcing the time sensitivities surrounding the world of IT security.
Media is served to the LED with the next generation software and hardware by Disguise. These are the tools used by the world’s most talented visual designers to conceive, plan and visualize experiencers at the highest level.
Lighting and sound are delivered with equal levels of artistic passion and technological perfection, adding up to an experiential environment of elite proportions.

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