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MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit 2019
Dateline...Aria Las Vegas October 1-3, 2019
McAfee’s top user group, security experts from the world’s
leading organizations, have gathered for the annual MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit. It’s an opportunity for 2,500 like-minded IT professionals to strategize, network, and learn about the newest and most innovative ways to ward off advanced cyber-attacks.
The 2019 MPOWER theme puts it simply and profoundly... It’s About Time....
• Cybersecurity is one of the foremost challenges of our time.
• Time is the most crucial factor in defending against advanced persistent threats.
• It’s time to reset the industry clock for a new conversation about device to cloud protection.
• MPOWER is one of most important and longest running cybersecurity conferences.
• And for EVI, its 12-year partnership with McAfee is ever-focused on advancement.
McAfee operates at the cutting edge of time, delivering unrivaled innovation, detection and response in an industry rife with opportunistic and shape-shifting cybercriminals.
Likewise, in the experiential events arena, EVI plays at the leading edge. The production technology on exhibit in the general session environment illustrates the point.

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