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  Night falls, and attention turns once again to recognition. This is the closing session, and thousands of Nu Skin elite celebrate their success in a grand on-stage parade of stars. The enthusiasm and support shown by a jam-packed arena of colleagues is remarkable. Passions are visibly ignited in the hearts of future leaders.
With the celebration in full mode...the curtains rise on the grand original concert spectacular with Maestro Hans Zimmer. Performing custom arrangements from his legendary body of work, Zimmer takes the audience on an odyssey to the far reaches of his imagination...unveiled through the swelling sounds of
a full orchestra accompanied by cinematic widescreen imagery. Scenes from the featured films accompany the music to showcase Mr. Zimmer’s extensive creative range. The show is a bold retrospective of Mr. Zimmer’s compositional repertoire.
In the end, 15,000 people walk in-step, departing Salt Lake for every corner of the world to pursue their collective vision.
Global Virtual Event
Equally as important as the live event was the need
to translate the experience in a vibrant way to a
global webcast audience comprised mainly of young viewers, which EVI accomplished by serving up network quality content with its broadcast production team.
Global webcasting is a key EVI service offering. The team conceived and produced the complete online event, adapting all creative content including keynote presentations and entertainment to serve the virtual audience. The complete technical solution was provided as well, including simultaneous translation in multiple languages across 80 plus countries. Full metrics tracking and feedback summaries are provided.

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