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Learning from internal leadership is crucially important, but Nu Skin also embraces voices from outside the organization. One of the challenges for 2019 was to relate the Nu Skin proposition to the broader message of influencing the world around us. The belief is that each person has an inspirational story to tell, and Nu Skin wants them to tell it to the world.
To support that vision, EVI created an original session bringing together two of Hollywood’s greatest storytellers, Academy Award Winning Film Composer Hans Zimmer and Oscar Winning Director Ron Howard. The aim was to inspire the audience through the unique perspectives of these cinematic masters... to unlock their inner storyteller, reflect
on their life journeys, the importance of their own stories, and explore ways to develop them and bring them to reality.
Hans Zimmer and Ron Howard: We’re All Storytellers
The afternoon session centered on taking action...
about taking the actual steps required to complete the Transformational Journey. To provide the motivational spark, one of the greatest success stories from the world of sports and business joined in. NBA legend and Hall of Famer Magic Johnson stirred the crowd with his “bigger than life” smile, charisma and success story.

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