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  Virtual Service Virtual Services
   Psychology of the Online Experience
Next level psychology of the online experience points toward the necessity to disrupt predictable patterns to maintain engagementand encourage interaction. Incorporating the unexpected is a way to keep audiences focused and intrigued
Several tools that we successfully use are Virtual Meet-Ups...Live Polling...Live Chat...Live Q&A... Social Integration...and Gamification.
Analytics, Metrics and Reporting
How do you know that you’ve achieved success? End results are after all the proof in the pudding.
That’s why scientific analytics, metrics and reporting are a cornerstone of the process.
The built-in tools of the digital platform deliver valuable information by capturing audience profiles, measuring touch-points and gathering information via interactive participation with all aspects of the experience.
Program effectiveness can be tracked, assessed and adjusted in real time. Meaningful personal follow-up can be crafted based on facts. In addition, the platform is intelligently integrated with popular tools like Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, Pardot and Hubspot.

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