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  Convention week...and local environs comply. The yellow hues of the aspens glow across the slopes of the Wasatch. Salt Lake beckons against a backdrop of liquid blue sky. The greater region buzzes “Nu Skin”...from the downtown the glorious Nu Skin Campus 50 miles downrange in Provo.
Day One arrives. Packed charter buses, city trains, and thousands afoot converge on Vivint Smart Home Arena, the launch pad and hub of the experience. Thousands more tune-in to the worldwide Livestream.
Places taken, lights dim, the arena opening ceremony of visual media, theatrical lighting, concert sound and electrifying choreography unfolds. The audience is transported to the world of Nu Skin LIVE!... and will need to stay on their toes to take in every detail of an all-encompassing program that will run full-on from early morning to star-studded night.
The opening session is straight from the heart, with the inspired messages of Nu Skin Founders Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund weaving a beautiful story of possibility and human potential. CEO Ritch Woods and Napierski follow with an enlightening blueprint for success and call to action for the transformational journey.
Each moment is artfully choreographed with a full complement of on-screen visuals and theatrical stagecraft. Emotional engagement...emotional high.

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