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  But more than anything, Nu Skin is invested in its people. They believe... and stop at no end to make sure that
every distributor believes...not only in Nu Skin...but in themselves... in the life path they have chosen. Each has a unique story to tell, and Nu Skin wants them to tell it
to the world.
Motivated by this humanistic spirit, the EVI creative team started dreaming about a one of a kind session to cap off a vibrant convention week. They envisioned bringing together
two of Hollywood’s most iconic storytellers to provide an inside look at how the world’s top movies are made. Enter Academy Award Winning Film Composer Hans Zimmer... and Oscar Winning Director Ron Howard.
The aim was to inspire the Nu Skin audience through the unique perspectives of these cinematic masters, to unlock their inner storyteller, be encouraged to reflect on their own life journeys, the importance of their own stories, and how to develop them and bring them to reality.
The team architected a 45 minute session built around the way that Zimmer and Howard craft stories for major motion pictures. The idea was to identify and explore four facets of their working processes, and present them as short chapters, or movements, that would combine to create a cohesive story. Built around this framework, Ruth Todd, Nu Skin SVP of Public Affairs, served as a masterful guide to explore the thoughts of these extraordinarily imaginative creative artists.

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