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 Measured Results
The event strategy included a large scale pre and post-event cross media communications campaign. Components included social media, print, broadcast media, and outdoor via billboards, public transportation and airport. The event itself reached an audience of 30 million via broadcast on Saudi TV, MBC and other International Rebroadcasters. Promotion of the event was integrated with a global campaign focused on the recent allowance of tourism e-visas as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Platform.
Metrics include:
Instagram: Intl, GCC, and Local social media influencers 786,752,910 global impressions.
Instagram: Remote Intl influencers 12 million additional impressions
Snapchat Filters: 11 million uses/views in Riyadh alone.
DGDA Twitter: 46 posts during launch campaign 1.4 million direct impressions, 116 million secondary impressions via 3,700 retweets
Press Release: 1.3 billion global impressions KSA/GCC Press coverage: 1,609,276,804 impressions
Traditional media: (CBS News Travel Detective, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Travel + Leisure, A/R Voyageur, Arab News, etc.) 216 million impressions.
End Result
The enormously complex project will go down as a landmark event for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the realization of its Vision 2030 initiative. For EVI and its extensive team of collaborators, the creative, technical and project management accomplishments have pushed the boundaries of international experiential production.

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