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With the event elements in production, another major phase of the project was solving how to accommodate the audience and position them for viewing the experience. Royal Family, Regional and Global Dignitaries and Global Press combined for an audience of 1,000.
In response, EVI served as the architect, master planner and site developer for multiple physical structures including a welcome center, holding area for the Royal Family, a Gala Venue and a massive, Royal Viewing Pavilion.
Perched over Diriyah, the Royal Pavilion was a spectacle of luxury box seating, placing the Royal Family and guests front and center in the experience.
To accommodate the crew of 2,000 from 50 countries, the team built a two square kilometer production village. From roads, civil works, landscaping and telecommunication sanitation, power and lavish interiors... every detail of the massive infrastructure was accounted for.

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