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       Flight of the Falcon
Falconry is a tradition in Saudi Arabia practiced with passion and joy. The falcon is the revered national bird. UNESCO has even declared falconry a living cultural heritage. No portrayal of the Saudi Kingdom could be considered authentic without showcasing its historical significance.
The symbolism of the falcon was extremely important, so it had to be represented in a truly imaginative way. To fulfill the vision, a massive carbon-fiber, projection-mapped Falcon was created as a central character in the storyline.
Controlled by 24 performers, the falcon worked like a giant puppet. With a 50 foot wingspan, it made an awe inspiring impression. Utilizing the Blacktrax system, the falcon was outfitted with 53 stringers, allowing it to be tracked and projection-mapped with ultra-precision. Eight projectors painted the bird with beautiful, real-time content as soared on a majestic journey across the ages.

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