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 Let There Be Light
Like all of the show elements, the lighting design process was highly collaborative, fueling the holistic approach. A unique function of lighting was to provide scale, context and depth to the vista, visually reminding the audience that this is a living, breathing town, not just a two dimensional piece of scenery.
To accomplish that goal, the design wove lighting into the fabric of the ancient site itself, filling the roads, alleys
and buildings with illumination, bringing the town to life with light. Fixtures meandered through the architecture of Diriyah, allowing the creative team to guide the audience’s attention through the vast space. Lighting extended the reach of the spectacle into the sky above the town, as brilliant, vivid beams punched columns of color into the night. Dynamic lighting enhanced the spectacle of the cast, highlighting everything from the beloved Ardah dance... to the Bedouins (and camels!) as they entered Diriyah. The magnificent orchestra was carefully woven into the vista too, ensuring not only guests at the event but also the millions watching at home could enjoy the musical virtuosity that accompanied the production.
There were three key elements to executing the lighting design – planning, planning, and more planning! EVI took the responsibility of integrating the lighting fixtures and miles of cable into the UNESCO World Heritage site very seriously. Working diligently with local authorities, the team made sure the 4,000+ fixtures, some of them the size of a small automobile, were installed with great sympathy and care for the site, while ensuring that the audience saw light, not lights!
Extensive use of cutting-edge previsualization both in the US and on site in Saudi Arabia allowed the lighting team to program the extremely complex show to the millisecond ‘off line’, and provide visual ‘proof of concept’ for the EVI team and the clients at Diriyah Gate Development Authority.

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