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  Extended Reality
Tools for producing and delivering virtual content include augmented and mixed reality. Produced in a studio environment, this “extended reality” is at the forefront of 3D design and content creation for broadcast production.
Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes or overlays CG images or graphics onto real-world or live action media and can be viewed on traditional screens and devices. Mixed Reality (MR) is a hybrid environment where real and virtual worlds are merged and blended to produce a new environment.
The technology enables the design of virtual spaces that are visible “Live” and on-camera. Fabricated with high-resolution LED screens and projection surfaces, the environments are stunningly realistic. Camera tracking and real time rendering via D3 hardware and software allows presenters to move within the environment in a highly interactive way.
Importantly, whether utilizing a virtual environment... delivering content in a cinematic storytelling style...or a combination of both...not one frame is produced without

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