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  Painting with Pixels
To bring the story to life, the visual design team spent months designing a massive collection of original animated content. The content would be delivered via 3-D projection mapping on the shapes of Diriyah’s mud walls. The intricate structures were pixel-mapped, edge to edge, top to bottom, yielding a projection surface nearly three soccer fields long...225,815,040 pixels per frame.
The model used to develop the projection surface contained 65,000,000 polygons in the mesh, which was produced using a combination of drones and lidar scanning techniques. From the beginning, the idea was to apply dynamic visual motion to every direction and plane of Diriyah’s surfaces. Every sequence of content was designed for movement and dynamic impact...a horse galloping across the
city...a Formula One car racing through the vista... a rocket ship blasting skyward.
In the end, the location was painted with a striking display of cinematic projection mapping to tell the visual story of the kingdom’s history. Nearly 7 billion pixels of content per second were projected, eclipsing 8 trillion pixels total for the show.

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