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 Rebirth of a Historic Gathering Place
In 2010, Diriyah was designated a UNESCO
World Heritage Site. An extensive archeological restoration was begun, meticulously bringing the original mud-city back to its former glory. The project is the cornerstone of a mission to transform the area into a global tourist destination.
In 2019, with the restoration completed, His Majesty King Salman and HRH Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman Al Saud called for a royal inauguration announcing the rebirth of Diriyah
to the world. For Jerry Inzerillo, Chief Executive Officer of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, the challenge was enormous. To accomplish his goals, he would need to partner with one of the world’s top experiential producers. His search
led him to Executive Visions of Atlanta, Los Angeles and Dubai. Under Inzerillo’s direction, EVI Executive Producers Michael Marto and Omar Saab assembled and led an International team representing dozens of nationalities on a far- reaching mission more than a year in the making.
An epic, one-night Opening Ceremony became the focal point...and fulfillment of the dream would require a complex, multi-fold initiative involving the highest levels of talent in creative development, technical engineering and mega-scale project leadership.
If These Walls Could Talk...
Walking the sacred grounds of Diriyah for the first time, the team experienced an otherworldliness,
a spirituality akin to encountering the Egyptian Pyramids or the Acropolis. Ancient voices filled the air, uncovering secrets of culture, lifestyle and art. The take-away was an awakening to historical time and place...the recognition that every concept be grounded in reverence and authenticity.
Amongst the ruins, the creative vision presented itself. The walls and corridors of the “mud city” had stories to tell, revealing themselves as a powerful and unique visual canvas. The sheer scale and technical challenge of such an idea was daunting, but it was the true path forward. The walls of Diriyah must speak for themselves.
The creative team huddled in Riyadh under the tutelage and storytelling powers of Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Al- Samari, secretary-general of the King Abdul Aziz Foundation for Research and Archives, and His Excellency Mr. Ahmad bin Aqil al-Khatib, Chairman of the Board
of Directors for the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.
They emerged with an enchanting storyline...a captivating tale exploring the Seven Gates of the Saudi Kingdom... from ancient present visionary future. In the following months, that story would serve as the foundation of a spectacular Inauguration Ceremony incorporating amyriad of creative elements.
The overall creative direction envisioned many ‘voices’ playing their part in a chorus of layered and interwoven disciplines, each playing a specific role in support of the overarching narrative.

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