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Virtual Event Production 2021 RSA Presentations
RSA Conference, the world’s leading information security conference and exposition, recently held
its 30thannual event as a fully virtually experience. The conference is one of the premier events in the cybersecurity industry, featuring notable keynotes, track sessions and interactive learning to help industry organizations better position themselves against cyber threats.As one of the most highly respected teams in the industry, Executives of long- time EVI client McAfee are regularly-featured keynote speakers at RSA. This year, Steve Grobman, McAfee SVP and Chief Technology Officer, called on EVI to produce his virtual presentation.
In the months leading up to RSA, EVI partnered with Mr. Grobman, his personal staff, and the McAfee brand team to create a compelling virtual keynote that proved to be a conference highlight. The creative approach was to produce a beautiful, cinematic-style presentation, layered with on-screen graphics to support the story. The EVI production team took responsibility for pre-production, location cinematography and post-production.
Grobman’s message focused on Risk in the Physical and Cyber World. Says Grobman, “As humans, we are awful at perceiving risk. We are influenced by media, anecdotal data, and evolutionary biology. Irrational fears lead humans to misperceive actual risks and sub-optimize risk reduction in both the physical and cyber world. To combat this, we need to be aware
of our biases and embrace data and science-based approaches to assess and mitigate risk.”

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