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 Virtual Services
   Captivating and Relevant Content
With a gorgeous interactive platform in place, the next mission is to fill it with first rate content, and that’s where EVI is so uniquely positioned. Captivating and relevant content is and has always been the key driver of results, no matter the event format.
Producing content for virtual experiences requires a different approach from a live event. With attendeesconsuming all of the information on a computer screen, tablet or smart phone, they are certainly notcaptive as in a ballroom setting. Viewers are over-saturated with content options, making it difficult to draw and maintain attention. Whatever you put on screen had better stand out. Our view is that content for virtual experiences must be produced on the level of a network television broadcast. Every second of on-screen material must be carefully curated and assembled to craft an emotional interesting and worthwhile journey, not just strung-together pieces.
  Images are from an actual EVI event produced for Nu Skin.

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