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  Extended Reality to the Fore
The situation presented the perfect opportunity for
EVI to showcase its capabilities in the world of virtual event production. Looking for a more focused and bespoke approach than a more traditional green screen environment, the team chose to produce the content with the latest extended reality technology. XR is
the state-of-the-art technique used on major motion pictures and acclaimed projects like the recent Star Wars series “The Mandalorian”.
Built on a large sound stage, the foundation of
the physical set was a three-sided cube of high- resolution LED. EVI filled the cube with custom content, transforming it into an immersive three- dimensional world through which presenters explored and interacted. Without the constraints of a physical location, the creative team was able to design a wide variety of environments to support the messaging... limited only by the imagination.
On-set, multiple cameras were rigged to track speakers with the on-screen content as they moved inside an immersive, hyper-realistic world. The technique allows creation of dynamic content on the level of primetime network television productions.
This is much more than a case of technology for technology’s sake. The reality is that the experiential industry is being redefined, and new technologies like XR are able to engage audiences at a much higher level than traditional videoconference platforms or green screen environments...driving critical brand mindshare, multiple business goals and optimum return on the experiential investment.
Unfortunately, the day before production, extenuating circumstances relating to the Covid-19 pandemic prevented the team from fully utilizing the XR production set-up. The case study and production stills demonstrate the solutions created and the readiness of the team to execute.
We greatly appreciate the close collaboration on this Virtual Event Production with HPE and its talented agencies and hope that our collective efforts will inspire you to discover with us what is possible in the world of virtual XR experiences.
Read more about our Virtual Event Production services our page Virtual Event Production.

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